Production Update October 2015

Concept One Media is working on....Shooting TV and web spots for Bill Kay AutoGroup with Blackhawk Andrew Shaw at the United Center,  Shooting a charity event and fashion show for Beautiful Events of NY.   Shooting for Ulta Beauty.  Shooting a promo video for David Nour and The Nour Group, at the Marriott Mag Mile in Chicago.  Shooting for Marriott- two days of classes and event training.

Post work for... Nalco, Flexera Software, Ricoh.  App Animation for Spendwitty website.  

Some recent Kudos...(just the past month...)

This looks AWESOME. Thank you.
-Breakaway Communications, NY

I’m ready to rock, thanks for all your help guys, you’re the best! We are in this together!
-Direct Advantage Advertising - Chicago

This looks great!  I like the approach and think it will do a lot as an "advertisement" in a sense to get people into the event for next year.

 HI Scott.  It looks great from my perspective.  Always love working with you and the team!

Absolutely love it! Thank you and well done.  Look forward to the next video.
-Spendwitty APP  animation for web-site

What can we do for you??

The RICOH and Concept One Partnership

Trevor Kelley and David Hendryx work on shots for the RICOH IP5000

Trevor Kelley and David Hendryx work on shots for the RICOH IP5000

After completing another series of videos that included 2 new case studies, 2 product apps, and an overview video,  are friends at RICOH had this to say:

"We came to your team with a quick turnaround request for a video I could use in a keynote address I am giving next week.  Scott and Duro have done a fantastic job capturing the vision that we had for this video, and they have created something far better than we could have imagined.  

I know they have been working long hours because I came to them late with the request.  Still, the video they have created will undoubtedly have a big impact on this audience of 300+ and will be the difference in my message versus those of my competitors. 

At this point, I really see all of you as an extended part of our team. "


Being a reliable partner to our clients and going the extra creative mile to take a project for good to great is what separates us from the pack.  The Concept One team is there every step of the way as a collaborater from the first creative meeting to the day we hand over the final deliverables. Our team truly thrives on the success and satisfaction of our clients.   

Let's Talk Results!

Some numbers came in from a recent campaign we did with Direct Advantage for Bill Kay and James and Sons.

The Bill Kay Buick - "White Friday" Campaign: The offer was if you purchased a vehicle on Nov. 28 or Nov. 29 and it snowed 6inches on Christmas day the car would be free.  Bill Kay doubled their sales from last year!

The Bill Kay- 2014 Andrew Shaw Commercials have over 100,000 combined views on youtube.

James & Sons - 50th Anniversary Football Commercials have increased overall sales from last year and have 20,000 views on youtube.



Production Update November 2014

Concept One Media is working on....TV spots for Begemen's Jewelers, Bill Kay Buick, James and Sons Jewelers, South Holland Nissan and Westmont Attorney's.  Trade show and promotional videos for Hexagonal Metrology, and Consumer Truth.  App programming for Ricoh.  Promotional videos for Downtown Hinsdale.   More videos for Downers Grove High Schools administration.  Tennis recruitment videos for two students.  A/V support and meeting production for Ulta, Inc.  Lot's of DVD can CD duplication.  What can we do for you

Production Update September 24, 2014


Concept One Media is working on this week...shooting for Au Bon Pain in Il, IN and WI, Payroll Mate Software and For Morning Time Productions. Post work for Bill Kay Chevy ( with Blackhawk Andrew Shaw),  Begeman's Jewelers, Ricoh - (case studies, trade show app and product review interviews), Hexagonal Metrology, Heritage Crystal Clean. Development of a tablet app for a new product intro using video, animation, voice-over and graphics for use at GraphExpo next week. CD and DVD duplication for Rare Sportsfilms and ScotPress. 

Production Update June 16, 2014

Concept One Media is working on....shooting 6 live performances for Center Stage at the College of Dupage McAnich Theatre over the weekend - two camera shoots, a couple of projects with Mornin' Time Productions - shoots all this week for Cancer Treatment Centers of America, shoot for Tasty Breads. Post for Ty, Inc. (Beanie Baby folks), Domino Printing Sciences, Sears Holding Co. New scripts for Begeman's Jewelers and pre-production for Heritage Crystal Clean (16 segment DVD) and 4400 DVDs for AJ Publishing. Busy...Busy!

Production Update May 2014

SML Equipment at TETE CHARCUTERIE in Chicago.

SML Equipment at TETE CHARCUTERIE in Chicago.

Concept One Media is working on...shooting for SML Stainless - restaurant kitchen installation and chef interviews at TETE CHARCUTERIE in Chicago, client case study and new product demo for Domino Printing Sciences, Sears Holdings Co. vendor interviews, Awards Ceremony in Lemont and Event Coverage in Alsip.  Post for Beggar's Pizza TV spots, Sears Marketplace (website and sales testimonials), Sleep Sense (new sleep apnea product video) and hundreds of DVDs for Pass the Test and AJ Publishers.

What can we do for you?

ULTA GMC a Success!



Concept One Media is working on...the big Ulta General Manager's Convention, which has grown to over 1000 attendees. C1 is providing all A/V support, video coverage, on-site editing, break out rooms and trade show support. Five days of work and everything went very well 75% of all C1 staff were on site all week with additional shooting for a highlight video and shooting for a Ulta Salon Best Practices case study video with a 24 hr. turnaround. Also this week...shooting for Loyola Bioethics, also with a 24 hr. turnaround for edit & upload. Scouting today for a new Bill Kay Auto group spot.

Here's this weeks update...

Concept One Media is working on...shooting for a student athlete for a college recruitment video (tennis), shooting a seminar for Loyola Bioethics division. Pre-production (scouting / script assistance) for a KickStarter political video, the ULTA General Managers convention (we're handling all AV and video support for over 700 attendees over 5 days.) Post production for Aladdin Garage Doors and 7 videos for the Ulta Salon division - training - shot last week with matching Sony FS700's. Updating the Tasty Breads case study video. In duplication we're researching pricing for our new Thumbdrive duplication service, producing a 2 DVD retail ready set including shrink wrap.   Successes with the Il Landscape Contractors Awards (coordination of AV and videos for over 400 attendees)  & saw the Bill Kay Chevy spot this weekend on Pawnstars! 

Thrivent Financial Sketch Videos A Success!


Thrivent Financial came to Concept One to create 5 sketch comedy shorts to honor their 2013 trip winners.  The first creative meeting took place January 15th and masters were delivered 10 days later.  The sketches were performed by the Partners (upper management) of the the Thrivent team a chance to see their bosses let their hair down.  The videos were a big hit at the award show and Collen K., Thrivent Project Lead for the project, had these nice things to say.....

"Everyone at Concept One was awesome to work with. They were incredibly creative and professional and worked with the budget I had. They worked with our vision and enhanced it with great ideas from their years of experience. I would highly recommend them!"

Concept One Creates Commercial Aladdin Garage Doors

Director: Linda Livorsi

Director: Linda Livorsi

Concept One partnered with Comcast to create a commercial for Aladdin Garage Doors, a story that involves a garage door being destroyed digitally and a somewhat angry spouse. The commercial will go into post production this week and be ready to air through out the Chicago area in February. Check back to see the finish product!