Spring is in the air.....finally!


May started with Hair Cuttery in our studio for 4 days shooting new training videos and a quick trip to Minnesota for a new client (Savillex) to shoot footage for a new trade show/web video.   We're shooting almost everyday this month with work for Consumer Truth (interviews and customer research), Intelligent Medical Objects (conference), our new client Soucy-International (from Canada) customer case study at a farm in Rochelle, IL, ConFreaks (conference videos/breakouts), Dex Media (web spots) and MMP, USA (business case study).

Our edit bays and graphic department have been super busy too with edits for commercials - Bill Jacobs Auto Group,  James and Sons Jewelers
Industrial animations for  Nalco/Ecolab  and Ricoh Print
Continued editing for Domino (thru Mornin' Time Productions), Ricoh Print
Training videos for Clune construction and  Care Free Enzymes (in WI).

We're seeing more and more customers ask for USB copies, though DVDs are still popular (we sent out over 1000 this month so far!).
Prices are finally getting a bit more competitive for the printed UBS, we'll be passing the savings to our customers.

More drone shooting this month - inside and out! Our smaller drone can get some cool shots inside factories and industrial buildings, plus some real estate in the area.

We just purchased another GoPro camera for great POV shots. What can we do for you?