Production Update June 2018

June just flew by with shoots in Colorado for Ricoh, Dallas for NAMM and locally for The Century Group out of NY,  Soucy  Farming Equipment from Canada, The Hair Cuttery out of VA and the Lombard and Itasca Park Districts.   We're editing a new monthly blog video for CIGNA Health, working on new equipment animations for Nalco/EcoLab in Naperville and lots of duplication too (DVDs and USBs)!.   A great new project adventure is an audio book on auto racing- we're securing all the voice-over talent, sound effects, music licenses and cool custom packaging for the CD's and USB's.   We've also just started working on a new documentary for the Lincoln Way High school marching band that is on a journey to next year's Rose Bowl parade and game in Pasadena!   We've been shooting lots of 4K footage, drone footage, interviews all over the area, including a benefit concert with 80's band Night Ranger and on Guaranteed Rate field with the Chicago White Sox.    Speaking of baseball shooting, while in Colorado for Ricoh, we also shot at a Rockies game.   For variety, we're also editing a new show for a Hip Hop / Rap Producer for his web-site and YouTube channel.    Check out our new drone page on the web-site.  Concept One Media....what can we do for you?